Violence And Aggression Takes Centre Stage –

All of the contestants began talking to the one who nominated them and began speaking on the again of one other that the opposite one is enjoying a protected sport. The entire home began to painting Lobo as a senseless contestant and somebody who doesn’t know find out how to play the sport. On the identical time, Ravi, Shanmukh and Siri began to debate that Sunny is performing in entrance of cameras as a cool dude and shall be caught sooner or later.

Each Ravi and Sunny requested Natraj grasp about whom he stated ‘gunta nakka’ throughout the nominations job. Later whereas talking with Sunny, Nataraj not directly hinted that he’s referring to Ravi solely. Anyway with Bigg Boss initiating the duty to achieve captaincy, two groups, Eagles and Wolves are made to compete with one another. As a part of the primary job, the 2 groups must steal batons from the dugout of others. The group that has extra batons of them will win.

Through the job, contestants like Anne grasp and Siri began to cover the batons inside their t-shirt and although Sunny haven’t actually touched that, Siri accused him of touching inappropriately. However she has refused to argue hoping that Bigg Boss will discuss it after watching within the cameras. Ravi and Viswa from reverse groups began right into a heated argument when Lobo fell sick. Ravi later defined that he known as Viswa and Sriram badly solely as a result of he felt that they’re overreacting for Lobo. However someplace, it didn’t look effectively, and Sriram appears to be genuinely caring for Lobo whereas Ravi is being cool.

In the meantime, with males contestants like Manas hiding the batons of their pants, Siri was fairly hellbent to select them up although Shanmukh and Viswa are towards it, calling it unethical. On the identical time, Sriramchandra’s cool perspective and the way in which he handled conditions is giving him a brand new elevate in the home. He breathed hearth on Kajal for interfering and elevating her voice towards him at all times. However anyway, the duty goes a little bit harsh with contestants turning violent and aggressive with one another. Particularly Siri and Swetha are proving that they may very well be harsher than anybody else.

Nevertheless, the entire job hasn’t ended within the episode and the violence continues.

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