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You can now download the AP Employee Pay Slip PDF document from the AP Treasury online web portal or view the AP Teachers payslip Excel report for details of the monthly payroll required to get complete salary information for the month at any time by entering the employee’s number.

Government employees of the Government of Andhra Pradesh can download their stub related to all the details of their salary employees’ salaries and payment of deductions from the official AP Employee Pay Slip treasury website, and payments for the government employee or teacher AP will be given through treasury approval and all. Details are recorded here about Andhra Pradesh govt employees pay slip.

AP Treasury

Andhra Pradesh State Government together with AP Treasury Department. I came up with an invention while watching all the government employees. The new system and website portal contain all the monthly salary details for each employee. Government employees recruit new recruits every year and have to track their paychecks. It has been facilitated to start in the Treasury Portal AP 2020

Teacher department can use online services. To verify your pay stub (or) pay stubs and assignments online. Details according to the Department of Teacher Pay Portal. All services can be accessed at any time, using employee codes and login details. New teachers must meet AP teacher requirements to obtain a position in a government school. The government provides an attractive salary to teachers in the value of education to the state.

AP Teacher Pay slip 2020

The salary of a teacher also depends on one’s position and years of service. Better teachers will have better and higher salaries than new recruits. It changes over time as a gain experience. After all deductions are made, the salary is sent monthly to the bank account.

The AP Employee Pay Slip receipt includes details like income tax, GPF, loan, if any, insurance and monthly salary. Each teacher has an employee code during the period of employment. A teacher can visit government offices when salary is stalled. However, the trend is being ended by the online method introduced by Andhra Pradesh Treasury.

The AP Treasury State Department has been taking this initiative in the past to provide AP Employee Pay Slip to its employees in offline mode and now it has been updated for the online service, so download the teaching staff pay sheet from Andhra Pradesh or from the payroll information official Using the website such as your employee code and department code such as the date of receipt which will be required/added.

In this modern world, when you have not seen the offline process and daily commute to official offices, one has to visit the local state department of the Treasury to get their AP Employee Pay Slip and write to the employee and then to the details like employee code Also, why pay stubs are required, pay stubs and many more.

The entire letter was to be submitted with fearlessness and only pay slips would be issued, and it was regularly done by government employees and teachers who required pay slips, and this long process of pay slip status is now less Done and due to online process.

AP Employees Pay slip Blue Print

Before downloading the AP Employee Pay Slip, you also need to know what is included in the AP Employee Pay Slip, payment stub and if you have all the necessary information you need, and this will make it clear that downloading the pay stub by providing details is valid.

There are three parts to the AP Employee Pay Slip of each employee, which is designated as net salary at the end, where net salary is the actual salary that the government will pay to an employee or teacher in their respective bank account, and details the commencement of account service. The services provided will be the same and will be recorded in government records until you submit a bank change request.


This section includes everything you have earned and a list of the actual salary credited to your AP pay stub, and the first part includes the base salary, known as the annual basic salary paid to an employee. , And this is an increasing amount that varies with the promotion or development of government projects, where the principal amount shown will be deposited and will remain constant, but will not decrease.

The second section of earnings is the inflation grant, which is a department-recognized source of earnings based on earnings, and the state government holds an annual meeting and varies to increase the DA percentage, this share of pay always increases and It does not exist independent of any other source.

Rental housing subsidy (HRA) is a variable part of the salary that varies with the associated development or decline of commercial projects. Therefore, all three combine to form a profit section of the payment receipt.


This is a real part of the salary that all employees must monitor because one has their deductions listed here, and to confirm that no additional amount is deducted from the income section.

The amount of the provident fund will appear here along with any health insurance claims used on behalf of your health or your family members, and this section also includes property tax details, which are the tax deducted from your income. Total, and you can manage to claim the tax and present the voucher by looking at the tax deducted from your total amount.

Loan and additional section

This is the part that is more important, because government employees and teachers get benefits to take a loan against your child issue, child marriage or home loan, if applicable, where the amount to be deducted from this part of the loan Will be listed here as well. With details, and it must be verified to track your loan live.

Once everything is added, the net salary will be collected by deducting deductions from the income section and minus the loan section, and the final amount shown will be credited to the employee’s beneficiary account upon resumption. Please download some time.

AP Employees Pay slip Download

Here we come with the process of downloading the AP Employee Pay Slip from the official government website, and this can be done from anywhere where an internet connection is available, and all the basic information before the AP employee reaches the website to download the website Should be paying stub.

  • Launch the browser and search for the AP treasury website or directly search the form URL search bar
  • After the page loads, go public to network services
  • Select Employee Operations
  • Celtic people
  • Click to download the monthly payment receipt or next option
  • The employee can choose to download the payment receipt by filling out the complete details or just the EMP code as shown below.
  • A column with the employee code will be displayed, fill in your EMPLOYEE code and press TAB
  • Click on Excel report and wait for the page to load
  • Now you can see the name, department code, DDO code, and other information.
  • Your intelligent salary month will be displayed on this screen
  • Now select the option to download the AP Employee Pay Slip from the website of the AP Treasury Department
  • The option to print a payment receipt will be available, which will allow you to get the printing of your payment sheet directly.

You can also download your AP Employee Pay Slip from the given link click here

The AP employee proof of payment will now be downloaded and saved in your download folder, from which you can download the proof of monthly payment and you can register it for your basic needs, and this proof of payment is the basis for education loan Can be taken as evidence. , For home loans and any government verification purpose.

The process of downloading AP Employee Pay Slip is very easy, and therefore the amount of time it takes to visit the office is reduced here, and any inquiry about the issue of irregular data receipt. This can be registered from the complaints section on the website, otherwise, employees can visit the nearest treasury department to correct their details and will not make any mistake in future.

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