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DDO request: AP employee monthly salary receipt, Ddoreq status check, CFMS, pension, shawl, Ddoreq online bill status check. AP employees do the process of preparing PDF receipts online and salary bills through treasury.apcfss.in/ddoreq

DDO Request The AP government has made it mandatory for employees to submit their salary details. The entire process will be online. This article will give you all the necessary information about DDO treasury….

DDO Request (DDOREQ) AP Details

DDO Request: DDO application is an online service for the purpose of paying and preparing the bills of all government employees. It is an online service aimed at providing easy access to financial statements and information to Andhra Pradesh government employees at the click of a button. The AP Treasury DDO is an important agency under the AP government, which is used to provide all records of your income, expenses, taxes and financial statements to the government. Also, it is a powerful link between the state government and the employees. Employees can access all financial services and plans through AP Treasury.

The DDO application is an online portal for claims of salary bill preparation, which is handled by the Draw and Disbursing Officer (DDO).

AP treasury DDO request

The AP government’s decision to introduce online pay cuts has confused many. But this online transaction has its advantages. The payment process will be clean and smooth, eliminating errors in large scale transactions.

The AP Treasury DDO request is primarily to address payment and pension claims for AP government employees. These Treasury will have access to online government bills and salary details. To prepare a salary bill you will need a few things.

Days you took a break
The number of sheets half paid in full.
Leave account details

DDO Request (DDOREQ)

The Andhra Pradesh government has also presented a reason to make its people smile. It has two sites to help deliver financial operations to the people of the state. They are https://treasury.apcfss.in/ as well as https://treasury.apcfss.in/ddoreq/.

Since it was developed after proper consultation, the website never meets expectations. Parties involved in its development include Andhra Pradesh Institute of Electronics and Government, Treasury and Accounts Department and last, but not least, Andhra Pradesh Technology and Services. With the joining of those parties, the efficiency they demonstrate is not surprising.

DDO Request Process

Employees can submit their salary bill preparation request to the AP Treasury portal. The treasury has sent DDO codes to all government employees, using which they can log on to the official DDO application website and search for details.

The DDO code is an eleven-digit numeric code. It works as an employee identification number.

Steps to prepare salary bills DDO request (ddoreq)

DDO request
  • Open the official DDO request Treasury AP website.
  • Enter your eleven-digit DDO code and password. Click on the submit button.
  • Your account will now be displayed to you.
  • Choose the Pay Invoice setup option from the Pay Bill menu.
  • Select the invoice ID, month, and year to generate a salary invoice. Click on Process Options.
  • A pop-up screen will appear, select Continue.
  • A list of all eligible employees who will be able to receive monthly increments will be displayed.
  • Select the check box and press Next.
  • A new list containing all the names of employees eligible for challan will be displayed.
  • After confirmation, click Next and submit.
  • Send a request by clicking on the option to send the DDO invoice.
  • Select the account holder from the menu.

How to Request AP Treasury Pensions

  • Visit the official site – Treasury.POG.in
  • Go to Options: Net Services to the Public
  • Click on pensioners information.
  • Select the desired option and enter the relevant details: PPO number, PPOID, Employee ID, etc.
  • Submit it and the results will be displayed in front of you. You can view or print it.

DDO Request GPF Slip

AP DDO Request
  • In Net Public Service Options, choose the Employee Options tab.
  • Click the GPF Class IV Information option.
  • In a new window, enter details like GPF number or Employee ID etc.
  • Clicking on the shipping option will display the results. You can save or print them.

How to download the DDO AP Code List

  • Visit the official DDO Treasury website.
  • Select the Treasury Operation option.
  • Select DDO List
  • The following is a list of DDO codes and ddodsg codes.

How to Login AP DDO Request (ddoreq)?

To get started with the cyber treasury bill, you will need to log into AP ddoreq. There is a quick and easy guide on how to do this.

  • First of all, you should visit https://treasury.apcfss.in/ or https://treasury.apcfss.in/ddoreq/. You have to enter the DDO code and password for the pages you have visited.
  • Enter both the DDO code which is 11 digit number and the corresponding password.
  • Once you are sure that they are not only correct but fill in their respective fields in the login box provided, click the submit button
  • Read on to find the next step.

DDO Request Login for AP Treasury DDOREQ – How to Prepare Salary Bills

  • Once you follow the login details given above, if the credentials are correct, then you will follow the guidelines given below to prepare salary invoice.
  • On the left side of the page, click the “Payment Invoice” option so that you can select the “Payment Invoice Preparation” option. The latter is an alternative to the former which is a menu.
  • Complete both month and year of special preparation of payment invoice
  • By clicking on the Next button, you are redirected to another page. After a successful redirection, choose the invoice ID. You will not enter a value because ID options are available in the drop-down list. Then enter the year and month of the interest payment invoice. Then click on the process.
  • In the next step, you should update the employees who should receive salary increases. This screen shows the employees who deserve it. To accomplish this, use the increment check column to select the people affected by the change. Some come down with an increase in stagnation, while others have a normal increase.
  • What will happen next? Obligation to terminate an employee who is not worth the salary in that particular month. The page shows all employees on the invoice. You need to exclude an employee to select the check box in the last column. When preparing an invoice, you will select the specific days of that month. In this phase, it is high time that you also include EWF, FLAG Fund or TI. how? Once you click on the corresponding Slno employee, it will be manually.
  • This step involves the strength of the frame. You should confirm the number of employees in each box. Click Next to continue.
  • Verify the payment details you have on a manual invoice. Once you recognize that they match, go to the “Payment Invoice” section and choose DDO Invoice Shipping. “This leads to the final shipping page.
  • Select the “Head-of-the-account” option from the drop-down menu. You will see all the employees and their details like serial number, employee code, name, designation, gross deduction and network.
  • If you complete all the steps described above, it will complete the first bit. You must have prepared salary challans of employees. The next step would be to generate a pay challan for the doodo request. We will discuss this later in the article.


Apart from the ones mentioned above, the AP Treasury List also provides information on monthly reports, invoice status, invoice status, employee-related operations, AP Treasury NPS, AP Cyber Treasury and other necessary details. The DDO code has been provided to all state government employees. If there is any question related to it, then you can ask it in the comment box. Thank you…