DSC Pay Slip 2020 | Print & Download DSC payroll @ paodscknr.gov.in

DSC Pay Slip 2020: Ministry of Defense launched an online portal called DSC Pay Slip for DSC personnel to use online monthly salary. In addition to generating a pay stub, the website has accounted for other financial functions. DSC is short for Defense Personnel Corps.

Are you a defence corporation? Now you can download or print the latest DSC Pay Slip in the calendar year 2020 for the current month using the army login option with the army employee number …

The Ministry of Defense, Controller of Defense Accounts, officially launched the multi-functional DSC website to provide employment services by allowing forms containing information about DSC payroll, pay stubs, PF contribution details, tax deductions and origin.

The details of monthly salary receipt of DSC payroll employees can be downloaded from the direct link found on the left side of the home page, for those working under DSC department you have to sign up to see the payroll from the official website of the site where this officer The portal is under the control of the Government of India and is therefore insured and protected.

what is DSC

DSC is a government defence institution. It was established in 1947. The organization provides defence cover to DRDO and other nuclear laboratories. The department has launched a service on its portal for defence personnel so that they can now access their payment slip online. Now, these army soldiers do not need to wait in long lines. They can get Kannur monthly salary receipt from the DSC Army sitting at home.

DSC pay slip Benefits

By generating DSC Pay Slip online, you get all your payment receipts with just one click. In addition, you can:

  • Use payment receipts anywhere: If you have your login credentials, you can access your DSC Pay Slip unit login from anywhere. All you need is your computing device with an internet connection and login credentials.
  • Access to all your past payment receipts – paper-made payment receipts that are lost after some time. But the online monthly salary receipt from the DSC employee stays on the portal forever.
  • Get Army DSC Pay Slip – PC generated DSC payroll are regular and communicate with staff at specified intervals.
  • Reduced logistics costs: Computer generates online DSC payroll receipts. He sent most employees in one click. They do not require offline mailing, including the cost of packing and mailing the payment receipt.
  • Environmentally friendly: Online payment receipts are environmentally friendly as they do not require a paper to print. They are available digitally.
  • Secure: The online Indian Army DSC payroll voucher is accessible only to those who have access to their login credentials. Therefore, only you or your authorized person can know your salary stub. Also, read about the CISF pay stub and its benefits.

How to Generate DSC Pay Slip 2020

An employee belonging to the Defense Security Forces and the Indian Army Forces should be registered on the DSC portal. Only a registered employee with your username and password will be able to access the portal’s home page. Below is the detailed guide to download the DSC payroll for the Department of Armed Forces with official credentials.

  • Visit the DSC portal page using paodscknr.gov.in
  • Page this URL in the address bar and connect it to the Internet
  • Now select the army login option from the set of login options displayed on the screen.
  • After the page is fully loaded, enter your login ID here, which is the army number
  • Click submit and then pass your strong password to access the page
  • Tap on the sign in button and let your payment receipt page fully load
  • Select the desired month payment sheet and see it in the new tab
  • Choose to download or print the desired monthly payment sheet from this list.
  • That is why! This printed copy of DSC’s printed pay stub will serve as proof of your salary confirmation. This is the only proof that employees may have to receive their respective salaries.
DSC Pay Slip

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DSC payroll Conclusion

The Ministry of Defense has now launched an online portal to help DSC defence personnel manage their online DSC Pay Slip. Now, these government employees can access their pay stubs with just one touch. For more information, see Sarkijobin

How to verify payment receipt from DSC?

If you want to know about your salary and work under DSC, then you can check your salary online at home. All you need to do is go to the portal and log in by entering credentials and submitting.

How to get DSC PaySlip Reset Password?

Once you forget the password, you can reset it by telling it to your administrator. Give him the requested details and he will assist you in logging into your account.

DSC Payslip Army How to login?

You can submit your salary by logging in. First go to the portal by clicking on the link mentioned in the previous section. Now you have to enter login details and enter your account to generate your pay stub.

Can DSC pay slip generated be used for online online loans?

Yes, the proof of payment generated online using your login credentials from DSC portal can be used as official proof of your employment, and as a valid proof of salary for home loan, personal loan, car loan Can also be used to render, etc.

Can we download DSC pay slip last year from DSC portal?

This is currently not possible, as the department in question changes the current month’s pay stub on the AWAN / PAO website instead of the previous month’s pay sheet, so for those who need it, get an old receipt from the DSC for payment can be done. The same registry office.
Previously, employees who could access their DSC pay slip page using their credentials could download the pay slip from their employment date. The pay slip of the previous year will also appear on the same page for your reference.

How to get payment receipt for retired DSC employee?

There is no separate page for retired employees by the DSC department, so they can use their same ARMY ID, which is unique so that everyone can access the Army entry page and get a print of their pension payment sheet.