Do you want to get the Highest paid Government jobs in India 2020? Then this article is for you. Remember that there are more jobs today than earlier government jobs, by applying for which you can get the Highest paid Government jobs in India.

The first day in Indian families will always give us knowledge about family members working for the Indian government sector and the benefits of government jobs, as it is considered prestigious and resourceful. Perhaps the days have changed, and government jobs have become more stressful than before, but still, government jobs are still the most sought after. With a wide variety of assignments, valuable benefits, and highly attractive salaries, there is more than one of the government jobs available to students in recent times, and in this article, we’ll take a look at some of the Highest paid Government jobs in India 2020.

Much middle-class family student has a dream to get government jobs in India because they have known the benefits of govt jobs they are very attractive so in this article, we select some best government jobs in India.

Highest paid Government jobs in India

Highest paid Government jobs in India 2020

In India, millions of candidates apply for a government job for several consecutive years. Although highly educated youth are turning to private jobs due to the temptation of high salaries and getting attracted, there is no decrease in government jobs. Job security and work-life balance are two aspects where government jobs make corporate jobs manifold better. This article details all the Highest paid Government jobs in India:

Indian Civil Services

Indian Civil Services

Indian civil services such as IAS, IPS, and IFS are included in it, it is the largest, important and responsible function of our country. Every year, many people take different examinations of civil services, out of which only a few are able to pass. It is one of the most difficult examinations in India, but this job is also considered to be the most prestigious.

These people run our country and implement many policies. Their fee is about 2 lakh rupees per month and not only these employees working in civil services also get different types of incentives like home, car, driver, subsidized electricity. Even, they get to leave facilities for further study abroad.

Defense Services

The Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force come under the Defense Services. It is a respectable act as it helps protect our country from enemies. Defense services include NDA, CDS, AFCAT and many different examinations. Their salaries are also quite high. You can earn at least 50000 to 1 lakh a month, it also depends on you how much your qualification is. It has more chances of getting the promotion and all kinds of different allowances are available. In this, the monthly salary also increases from time to time, It was the Highest paid Government jobs in India.


If you do not like the private sector, then the power supply is a great option for you. On entering the public sector, there are large public companies like BHEL, ONGC, IOC. To work there, you will need to take the GATE exam. The good thing here is that these companies change and you get a separate allowance. Here you can earn up to 40,000 – 1.5 lakhs in a month. In addition, you will get a canteen grant for alcohol consumption, laptop, furniture and gas allowances.

University Professors

The study work is believed to be the best and most peaceful in the world. This is why a professor’s job is the best in any government college and you get more respect. The monthly fees of a teacher depend on different things. If you are an NIT or IIT professor, your salary will be very high. If you have a doctorate, your pay scale will be different from other professors. By studying in college and university, you get around 40,000 – 1 lakh per month. Apart from this, you also get a medical allowance. It was the Highest paid Government jobs in India.


When it comes to banking, you remember the names of all RBI, Governor, Probation Officer. And the specific reason everyone wants this job is that it is easy to get promotions from the bank and the annual fee is around 18 lakhs. In addition, the bank gives a house to live in, every 2 years to spend out of 1 lakh rupees, and a school allowance to children and so on. The good thing is that if you are a bank employee, you can easily get a loan.


If you are an engineer or scientist in government institutions like ISRO, DRDO, then understand that your opportunity is open. By working in such a place, you also get the money that you want with research. Here, the base salary is 40000-60000 and it increases with your research and your work. Apart from this, you get Rs 7000-10000 every 6 months for transportation costs, free canteen meals, accommodation, and bonuses. It was the Highest paid Government jobs in India.

Assistant in the Ministry

This position is considered very honorable by the Ministry of External Affairs and money is very high with it. Here your publication is often done in external countries, where you can easily earn 1.5-2 lakhs in a month. Not only that but depending on the country you are in, you also get an allowance of 20,000-25,000. The exam is tough and to work here you must pass the SSC-CGL exam.

Indian Foreign Services or IFS officers

As an IFS officer, you get the brand ambassador for your country.

This not only gives him recognition but helps him to respect and love the country. IFS staff are the face of the Indian government abroad. In other words, they are the ambassadors of the nation’s brand.

The job includes heavy travel and diplomatic meetings with foreign delegates. The pay is attractive and the benefits are also very high.

Salary structure:
Just like IAS

(In case you qualify, here are some interview tips to help you figure out any job interview easily!)

Government doctors

The demand for a government doctor is always there because your treatment in any public hospital is less expensive. But the salary of a government doctor is higher than in other jobs. After studying MBBS, your salary depends on the hospital and place of work. Nowadays, the government is giving 25 to 50% more salary to the doctors going to the villages to treat the patients. Also, your salary depends on your payment. A surgeon gets around 1-2 lakhs a month in India, and a junior doctor only gets 40,000-50000 a month. It was the Highest paid Government jobs in India.

Income Tax Officer

Everyone is trying to get a job in the Income Tax Department because respect is also very important with money. In this job, you can start with the tax inspector on income and become a commissioner and easily earn up to 60,000-1.00 lakhs in a month. For this, you will get a government vehicle, 30-liter petrol, a SIM card. You should pass the SSC-CGL exam to get a job in the Income Tax department bypassing the UPSC exam, you can also be a direct assistant commissioner.

Insurance ADO/AAO

Insurance jobs are one of the most beneficial jobs in our country. The job requires observing and analyzing the policies currently underway, planning new plans, pretending the process and interacting with customers. The salary is fine in proportion to the benefits provided. LIC of India, National Insurance Company Limited etc. recruit thousands of graduates every year.

The basic eligibility criteria are just a college degree. Therefore, it is one of the preferred options for graduates across the country. A career with such a corporation can be very rewarding. The pay scale is such a good and the work pressure is manageable.

Railway engineers

The Railway Engineer’s job is good and they get great respect and reward in their work. You will be surprised to know that railway engineers earn more than any government engineer and their monthly salary can reach from 60,000 to 80,000. Apart from that, house, travel allowance and different incentives are also given to stay there. Which of these jobs do you want to be able to serve the country, please tell us in your comments section and Share this article with your friends who are looking for the Highest paid Government jobs in India?

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