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PurposeFacilitating access to information through digitization
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Patta Chitta Online Tamil Nadu Land

Patta Chitta online status Some things that can change the perspective of the country are designed by our government, such as the digitization of the land registry. In this post we will understand and share the nuances of Tamil Nadu’s online land records with our readers.

You can find their land documents known as Patta Chitta documents. These necessary documents will be required to digitalis land registration in Tamil Nadu in 2019 and 2020. This article provides step by step instructions.

Patta Chitta online status In Tamil Nadu, Patta Chitta is the name given to a set of documents that prove the title/ownership of the land. The lease is a legal document issued in the name of the real owner of the property, while Chitta is an administrative document maintained by the Village Administrative Officer (VAO).

Removal from lease includes important information from the registry of lands, such as city, taluk, district, land owner’s name, lease number, and survey number along with subdivision details.

What is Patta

A lease is an important legal document that serves as a revenue record for specific lands. La patta is issued by the government in the name of the owner of the land. Also known as the “Right Register (ROR)”. A lease includes the following records:

  • Owner’s name.
  • Lease number
  • Survey Number and Subdivision.
  • Name, taluk, and city of the district concerned.
  • Dimension or surface of the land.
  • Tax statement
  • If the land is a wetland or dry land.

What is a Chitta

It is a legal document issued by the government of Tamil Nadu province and kept by the Taluk Authority and the concerned Village Administration Officer (VAO). The document includes many important details such as property, size, area, etc. The main purpose of the Citta refers to the type of land: Wetland (Nanjai) or Dryland (Punjai). While the term “Nanjai” refers to a specific area with bodies of water or canals, rivers, ponds, etc., the word “Panjai” means that there are fewer parts of water in the land.

Both patta and ballast are issued by the Tamil Nadu government and in 2015, the government merged the patta and site into a single document with the necessary information available in the patta.

Tamil Nadu Patta

The government has been doing wonders since the beginning of digitization. Digitization refers to the process of digitization of some important documents related to a certain process in the country. One such document which has been issued by the Government of Tamil Nadu is known as the lease document. The document contains the following information: –

  • owner’s name.
  • Patta number
  • Survey Number and Subdivision.
  • Name, taluk and city of the district concerned.
  • Dimension of area land.
  • Tax statement
  • land is a wetland or dryland.

Chitta Land Ownership

Details about land and income are shown to the residents through the Chitta document. Land is often divided into the following types of categories: –

  • Wetland (உலாவல்)
  • Dryland (நிதி).

Documents Required

If you request Patta Chitta documents as per the official website of Tamil Nadu Land Registries, the following documents are required: –

  • For verification, you have to send the original sales deed along with photocopy to the Tehsildar or concerned office.
  • Proof of possession: You must present identification to show that your land is yours. You can send the following documents as proof of possession, such as:
  • Receipt of taxes paid
  • electricity bill.
  • Evaluation certificate.

Process & Steps To Apply For Patta Chitta Online

To request your Peta Chitta documents through online mode, you can follow these steps:

1. First, visit the official website

patta chitta online status
Source: Offical website

2. Click on the ‘‘View Patta & FMB/Citta/TSLR Extract

3. On the next page, you will see some such interface.

patta chitta
  • On this page, you have to first select the district from which district you belong.
  • Now you have to select the area type from which area you are from, if you are from the village, select Rural, and if you are from the city, select Urban.
  • And then click on “submit” button.

4. After clicking the submit button, you will go to the next screen. Here you will see some such interface.

patta chitta
  • After coming to this new page, the information asked here has to be submitted.
    • Your Taluk
    • your Village
    • patta number / survey number
    • authentication value
    • click on “submit”
patta chitta

Patta Chitta Certificate or Application Fee

If you are applying online for a lease document through the official land records website in the state of Tamil Nadu, you need to pay a fee of one hundred rupees through the online mode.

How to Check Patta Chitta online status

If you want to check the status of your lease document online, then you need to follow the simple steps given below:

First of all, visit the link given here. Click here

On the web page, enter the “Correct Application ID” and the given “captcha value”

patta chitta online
This image is only for educational purpose

Finally, click the “Get Status” button

The status and complete information of your application will be displayed on your screen about Patta Chitta online status,

How To Verify Your Patta Certificate

If you want to verify your lease certificate / Patta Certificate, then follow the steps given below.

Step 1:- first you need to login on

Step 2:- after login click on this link click here

Step 3:- select Verify Patta

Step 4:- Enter ‘Reference Number’

Step 5:-  Now click on ‘Submit’ button

Transfer / Sell of Patta Chitta

The lease deed is executed after the sale of the transfer property and the transfer process is like registering a leased land.

  • An application for transfer of lease should be submitted to the concerned Tehsildar office.
  • The application will be accepted or rejected on the basis of the examination of the specified property and the documents presented along with the application.

Documents Required For Transfer / Sell of Patta Chitta

Along with the application for transfer of the lease to the Tehsildar, you will have to submit the following documents:

  • Deed of sale (photocopy) with original for verification.
  • Proof of possession, such as tax receipt or electricity bill.
  • Evaluation certificate.

Steps To View A Register Extract

  • Step 1:- To view, you need to open the official website
  • Step 2:- Click view A-Register Extract option
  • Step 3:- A new page will open in which you can select the district, taluka or village
  • Step 4:- Enter a survey number and choose a sub-number
  • Step 5:- Enter the value of the certificate in the picture
  • Step 6:- Click on send button and a document will appear

Steps To Know Your Application Status

  • To view, open the official website
  • Know your Application status Click Here
  • Clicking on the link, a new page will appear in front of you
  • Enter Application ID and Enter Captcha Values
  • When you get the status and click on it, the information will appear

I hope you will be satisfied with this Patta Chitta online status article and all of your doubts are clear and get all the knowledge and information about the Patta Chitta online status thank you.