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Track the voter id status Online 2020 | Check the status of voter election card – Voter ID is an important document. Through this article, you can track the voter id status, verify names on voter ID list, verify and correct voter ID card through EVP program, and other important points. To be eligible for vote in an election, you must have a valid voter ID card. If you have been already applied and want to know the process of your voter card application, then you have to track the status of voter ID with the help of reference identification.

In this post, you will get detailed information on how an applicant can track the voter id status of their voter registration application.

The voter ID card is that one of the main documents for the citizens of India. The voter ID card allows all citizens to vote for their leader. Today, under this article, we will share important aspects of Track the voter id status. In this article, we will share a step-by-step process through which you can Track the voter id status of your voter ID card. Apart from this, we will share step by step process through which you can track the voter id status of your online application for voter ID card on the official website of the Government of India.

Applicants who have submitted their EPIC application and are awaiting their EPIC problem can track the status of their application. The installation is available on the ECI Official Services Portal. First, applicants should visit the CEO’s office or any other interested office for status and updates related to the submitted application. But now, applicants can Track the voter id status online for free. And also through SMS service.

Track the voter id status Online

Track the voter id status: The voter ID card has been designed by the Government of India to allow citizens to cast votes for their favorite leader. The card can be used as an identity card while completing the form for various schemes or incentives issued by the Government of India. In general, the importance of voter ID cards is much greater than all other documents designed in India.

Namevoter id status Check
Launched ByElection Commission
Launched Year2015
Portalnvsp service portal
BeneficiariesIndian Citizens
ObjectiveProviding Voter ID Card
Official websitewww.

Registering In NVSP Service portal

To register in the National Voter Service Portal, you have to follow the simple procedure given below:

  • Go to the official website.
  • On the Voter Service Portal home page, click on “Login Or Register”
  • Then chose on No nvsp account or Sign up as a new nvsp user
  • Enter details
  • Click send OTP
  • Enter OTP
  • then nvsp service portal Click on “I have an EPIC number” and “I do not have an EPIC number”.
  • Fill up the application form.
  • Click on the “Register” option

Procedure To track the voter id status (Online)

To nvsp status check of your voter ID card and Track the voter id status, you need to follow the simple steps given below:

  • Go to the official website of the nvsp service portal.
  • Login with your credentials
track the voter id status
  • Or click on this link of the given website directly
  • On website, enter
  • Reference identification
nvsp status check
  • Click on Track Status.
  • The status of your voter ID will be displayed on your pc/mobile screen.

Check Voter ID Card Status Helpline no.

To verify the status of your voter ID card by following a toll-free number provided by the official officials of the Election Commission, you have to follow the simple steps given below:

  • First of all, dial 1950 toll-free number
  • Provide all the details requested by the officials interested in the call.
  • Officers will provide you the status of your voter ID card.
  • Toll-Free No.- 180011950

Voter ID Card Status Through SMS

To verify the status of your voter ID card by SMS, you must send an SMS to the helpline in question on the numbers that are provided separately for each state. The table below will provide you with different help line numbers, which the respective authorities end up for different states:

States ListSMS FormatSMS Number
BiharEEL<space>voter ID number56677
KarnatakaKAEPIC<>voter ID number9243355223
Andhra Pradesh (AP)VOTE<>voter ID number9246280027
KeralaEEL<space>voter ID number54242/537252
OdishaCEOODI<space>voter ID number9238300131
Uttar Pradesh (UP)UPEPIC<space>voter ID number9212357123
Andhra Pradesh (AP)VOTE<space>voter ID number9246280027
ChandigarhBTH<space>voter ID number9216164606
West Bengal (wb)WBEC<space> ID number51969
Tamil Nadu (TN)EPIC<space>voter ID number9211728082

track the voter id status Name Wise

To verify the details of your voter ID card, you have to follow the simple steps given below and track the voter id status name wise:

  • First of all, visit the official website link here
  • There are two options on the home page to search your voting list:
  • Search for details
  • Search by EPIC Number
  • Enter all requested details
  • Click search

Voter ID Card Status Official CEO Websites

The ECI appoints a designated officer of the state government to oversee the electoral activities in the union states and territories known as the Director of Elections (CEO). All matters related to parliamentary and assembly elections are handled by the CEO of that particular state. The entire CEO works under the supervision of the Election Commission in all states and union territories.

To verify the status of voter identity, applicants can also visit the official website of their state CEO. Each state and union territory has its own CEO portal, where all updates for the current or upcoming elections are provided.

Various CEO websites are available for different states of India. You can see various CEO websites in the table given below: –

State ListWebsite List
Andhra Pradesh voter list
Gujarat (GJ)
Telangana (TG)
Assam (AS)
Goa (GA)
Maharashtra (MH)
Bihar voter
Haryana (HR)
Jammu and Kashmir voter
Karnataka (KA)
Kerala (KL)
Madhya Pradesh (MP)
Manipur (MN)
Odisha voter
Punjab (PB)
Rajasthan (RJ)
Sikkim voter
Tamil Nadu (TN)
Uttar Pradesh voter
West Bengal (WB)
Delhi voter

Facilities on NVSP Service Portal

  • Registration for new voter
  • Foreign voter registration
  • Abolition or objection in voter list
  • Correction of entries
  • Transfer within ac
  • Migration to another AC

Procedure to Search Online Voter ID Card Name Wise

The voter list contains all the names of eligible voters. Do you want to verify your name in the list or not? Verify by following the steps below and track the voter id status:

  • Open the official website of NVSP
  • Now go to “Search Voter List
  • Then now chose one “Search by Details” or “Search by EPIC no.”
  • Enter requested details on screen
  • Enter the verification code shown on the screen
  • Click “Search” option and send information
  • The information will be displayed on the screen.

FAQ’s voter id status

We have listed some questions related to track the voter id status, nvsp status check which will make it easier for you to understand nvsp service portal and you will get the answer to all your questions.

Q. What is EPIC?
Ans. The Voter Photo Identity Card (EPIC) is an identity card issued by the Election Commission to citizens of India (excluding minors). It has a unique number known as EPIC no. Anyone who has EPIC becomes eligible to cast their vote.

Q. Can I check the status of the application on the official website of the Electoral Director of my state?
Ans. Yes

Q. Is a referral ID mandatory to track voter ID status?
Ans. Yes, a referral ID (provided at the time of application) is required to verify the status of the voter ID card. For any problem, contact your state’s BLO (booth level officer) or CEO.

Q. What are the ways that I can track voter ID status?
Ans. There are three different ways to verify EPIC status. Contains-
Using the official web portal
Use free service
Using SMS service

Q. Who verifies claims and objections?
Ans. The claim application and objections are verified by the Electoral Registry Officer (ERO) / Assistant Electoral Registry Officer of the constituency concerned.

Q. Is the registration process done throughout the year?
Ans. The deadline for EPIC application for the next election has passed. Generally, each year the ECI order to review the names of the existing voters in the month of October / November and the revised list of voters is published in the month of Jan of these following year. Then, during this period, anyone can lodge a complaint and also request for a new voter ID card (ie Form 6).

Q. What are the different forms for a voter to solve various problems related to voter identification?
Ans. There are various methods related to voter ID:
Form001- For Issuing EPIC Replacement / Voter ID
Form 6- Request for new voter ID due to displacement of Assembly Constituency (AC) /
Form 6A – Application for registration of foreign voters
Form 7: For removal or objection to voter ID
Form 8 – Correction of entries / details
Form 8A – Transfer within assembly

I hope the information given is beneficial. Any questions or questions related to the track the voter id status 2020 can be mentioned in the comment box below. Our team will try to find a solution to this.